A marketing management solution for seamless collaboration

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What is Studio?

Studio helps agencies and marketing teams manage their projects and campaigns by streamlining tasks, encouraging collaboration, and providing insightful reports.

It can be used to control projects for an internal team or orchestrate the activities of external teams, in one central location, effectively eliminating hard to follow email threads.


Integrate and collaborate

Create projects that can be shared with multiple teams and easily assign tasks to the right resource, allowing collaboration across the organization

Intelligent and intuitive reports

Track your team's performance with reports on each project to make more informed decisions based on the productivity, budget, and ROI of each project.


Scale up your content production

Boost your content production through a highly vetted talent network, capable of producing high-quality content for complex and unique projects.

Full control of your agency

For agencies, Studio provides the support needed to collaborate with customers, control your overall budget, get ahead of scope creep, and improve your utilization rate.


Break down marketing team barriers

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